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2013 Young Professionals of Color Conference

Cascade Consulting Group hosted and presented the second annual Young Professionals of Color Conference on July 24, 2013 at Gordon Food Service. Special thanks and acknowledgement goes to our Exclusive Platinum Sponsor, Gordon Food Service and our Exclusive Young Professionals Partner BL²END, Business Leaders Linked to Encourage New Directions for their commitment to this conference and their commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive community.

The day long conference featured high caliber speakers of color from a variety of industries and organizations. The day was jump started with an inspirational keynote address from Jullien "The Innerviewer" Gordon, Founder & CEO of New Higher. Under the theme, "Defining Your Success,"  Jullien along with the conference presenters, focused their sessions on balancing purpose and passion to help young professionals establish a personal mission statement to help them define success for in their own terms.  Over the cours of the day, presenters shared their insights and experiences on how young professionals can successfully navigate their career as well as how to plan and prepare for future professional advancements. 

Conference Program: