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Cascade Engineering brings unique solutions to acoustical challenges. From design and material development to full production, we have the capabilities to meet and exceed your toughest requirements, whether your acoustic challenge lies in the engine, powertrain area or front of dash. Our processes and material options enable us to make everything from design-dependent lightweight dashmats to heavy-duty barriers. In addition to dashmats, Cascade Engineering also produces covers for HVAC, engines, solenoids and manifolds. (powertrain and road noise).

Cascade Engineering is proud to introduce our newest innovative acoustic insulator technology. This hybrid technology employs both barrier and absorber concepts in one product, providing targeted acoustical treatment and resulting in the most efficient use of mass, cost and performance.  The individual vehicle’s sound DNA is used as a baseline for solution development and the results are:

  • High Performance – By selectively applying a barrier layer, using variable mass, we minimize the amount of material required to meet the performance needs.  Using highly absorptive fiber technology, in select areas, we target efficient use of materials to address absorption requirements.
  • Low Cost – Material usage is optimized to keep cost down.
  • Low Weight – By optimizing mass placement using variable mass processing, the part is extremely mass efficient.
  • Improved Absorption – By maximizing loft of our fibrous material, the hybrid technology achieves improved absorption.
  • Part Consolidation – The injection molding process used in manufacturing the hybrid technology permits the integration of several parts into one.  Foot rests, wire management features, crash management rib structures and module brackets can all be integrated into our dash silencer.  This integration avoids the need for separate part design, tooling, purchasing, shipping and installation within the assembly plant.

Our innovative hybrid technology enables design freedom and part integration while optimizing the use of mass, performance and cost targets throughout the design cycle.

Why be “design locked” by traditional acoustical product solutions? Our hybrid technology allows freedom to continuously optimize the part design and allows integration of many features within the design. Now you can worry about the best design without worrying about the acoustical solution.

Not only does our hybrid technology make the most efficient use of mass, resulting in greater fuel economy, but it also utilizes post consumer recycle content and is 100% recyclable. A great product that’s great for the environment.