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Cascade Engineering Companies


Provides large plastic injection molded parts and assemblies both painted and chrome plated for the North American commercial truck and bus market. The market leader for injection molded bumpers, grilles, roof fairings, and chassis skirts. Formed in 2002, CK Technologies has four manufacturing facilities located in Montpelier, OH (HQ), Mt. Airy, NC, Brownsville and Fort Worth, TX.

Supplying components and assemblies to the automotive industry since 1973. Plastics technology is used to replace heavier metal interior and exterior parts resulting in lighter weight vehicles with improved fuel economy. The market leader in plastic injection molded dash mats used for sealing and sound absorption between the engine compartment and the vehicle interior. Other products include wheel liners, window trim and HVAC tubing. Located in Grand Rapids, MI.

Located in Halasztelek, Hungary. CEE was founded in 1994, and designs, develops and produces complex airflow and fluid delivery mechanisms for the European automotive industry including all major OEM’s and tier 1 and 2 suppliers. CEE also has the capacity to design, build and assemble tooling for use in house as well as for other suppliers.

Provides solid waste and recycling carts to private/public haulers and cities/municipalities throughout the United States and Canada. Based in Grand Rapids, MI and founded in 1989.CCS has produced over 25 million carts. Cascade Carts come in 95, 64, 35 and 32 gallon sizes. Each cart includes an Xtreme RFID tag used for identification, tracking and future technology integration. CCS also produces the Pink Cart contributing 5$ for every Pink Cart sold to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research. CCS recently introduced The Purple Cart to raise awareness and support for Alzheimer’s.

Started in 2007, Xtreme designs, engineers and manufactures RFID tags for extreme environmental applications. RFID inlays are encapsulated in plastic for multiple market applications. All tags can be customized for shape, size, read distance and environmental conditions. Xtreme RFID tags are installed on every Cascade Cart manufactured. Applications include extreme temperatures, high pressure, multiple force impact, vibration and metal surfaces. Xtreme RFID is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI.

Focused on injection molding high value components for a variety of industries. Utilizing innovative plastic injection molding technologies like co-injection, multi-shot, insert molding and fabric adhesion processes used primarily for commercial seating applications. Herman Miller (HMI) is their largest customer and they have been involved in every major chair launch for HMI over the past three decades. The Commercial Products group also participates in two other industries; compressed natural gas (CNG) vessels and reusable storage containers. In addition they also produce the Hydraid BioSand water filter for Native Energy and cheese storage barrels for Kraft Foods. Commercial Products is located in Grand Rapids, MI. formalized as a business unit in 2006.

Invisible Waste Services provides valet trash services to multi-family residential communities. IWS was started in 2001. Residents deposit their solid trash and recycling outside their door in a conveniently provided container. The patented “Bench”, an exclusive product of Invisible Waste Services is an available option to all customers providing a decorative and functional seating surface which lifts up to store two 13 gallon bags. IWS porters pick up the trash and recycled material. This service is available 5-7 days a week depending on the contract. Currently operating in 9 states with 50,000 customers, headquartered in Orlando, FL.

A leader in the development and production of compounded thermoplastic solutions with a full line of olefin and elastomer based products. Utilizing twin screw compounding equipment featuring under–water pelletization to produce both stock and customized materials for medium to high volume applications used in the Automotive, Office Furniture and Consumer Goods industries as well as offering Toll Compounding and Contract Manufacturing services to some of the most innovative, industry leading companies. Noble polymers are also used to produce some of Cascade Engineering’s Automotive Americas products. Noble Polymers was started in 1997 and is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI.

A 50/50 joint partnership between Dolav Plastic Products and Cascade Engineering formed in 1998. Based in southern Israel, Dolav specializes in large structural foam injection molding and has worldwide recognition for its heavy-duty, multipurpose box pallets. Decade Products Manufactures bulk shipping and storage containers for industrial, agricultural and food processing applications worldwide. Bins and pallets are injection molded using HDPE structural foam. These strong, yet lightweight, completely reusable containers offer increased life span, superior corrosion resistance, and virtually no maintenance. Decade’s RACX® Pallet is certified “Cradle to Cradle” by the Innovation institute. Decade Products is located in Grand Rapids, MI.