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Chassis & Powertrain

Cascade Engineering Automotive Solutions provides functional components for chassis and powertrain applications. By using a combination of injection molding and 3-D suction blow molding, we are able to provide lighter-weight components that are used for diesel and turbocharged engines, throttle body covers and charge air coolers.

Cascade’s 3D suction blow molding technology replaces steel tubes previously used in diesel vehicle applications, providing part integration, consolidation, weight minimization and improved component functionality. Part integration in particular makes assembly easier, lowers weight of the final component system, and decreases total cost. And the integration of multiple parts into one component significantly reduces complexity in the final assembly process at the manufacturing plant.

Key benefits and features of our chassis and powertrain solutions include:

  • Utilization of traditional clamping methods for connection and development of next-generation streamlined systems
  • Material development for product application
  • Part integration for ease of installation at assembly plant
  • Part interface
  • Full design engineering of technical products that provide intellectual properties
  • Lower total cost
  • Improved acoustics
  • Improved sealing efficiency
  • Product validation capabilities
  • Utilization of engineering grade resins
  • Ability to use products in extreme temperature conditions
  • Co-extrusion suction blow molding technology
  • Future direction of engineering development of new technical features for parts and operations reduction at assembly


  • Charge air cooler tubes for turbo diesel vehicles connecting engine side to charge air cooler unit
  • Charge air cooler tubes for turbo charge naturally aspirated vehicles
  • Air induction tubes for naturally aspirated vehicles
  • Fuel fillers
  • Coolant tubes
  • Oil fluid tubes
  • Transmission fluid tubes
  • HVAC hoses
  • Exhaust system hoses
  • Emissions system hoses