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Commercial Truck & Bus

CK Technologies, a Cascade Engineering family company, is a leader in providing Innovative Truck Solutions to the Commercial Truck & Bus Industry through engineered plastic systems. We are experts in large complex systems that require both structural integrity and aesthetic quality. We also design, engineer and manufacture systems that bring value by delivering multiple benefits such as part consolidation, weight minimization and cost effectiveness. Material conversion to thermoplastic resins lowers weight, maintains durability, saves money and provides an environmentally friendly recyclable product.

CK Technologies works with all major OEMs to develop and manufacture products that encompass all areas of the truck and bus: Interior, Exterior and Functional Systems. Beyond development and manufacturing, we provide full service capabilities such as finishing, assembly and in-line sequencing. Our North Carolina facility is equipped with a complete base / clear coat painting system, capable of custom color body matching with over 8000 colors.

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