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Consulting and Advising

We provide training, mentoring and consulting services from theory to practice to help organizations use sustainable solutions to produce business and community results..

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Become an Employer of Choice

Want to learn how you can become an employer of choice?

Building a culture that retains and attracts the right employees is priceless. “Employer of Choice” is a term that has grown in use and familiarity in the last ten years. The “meaning” behind the term can be summed up in a phrase:

“An employer whose attitudes, practices, benefits, policies and work conditions attract and retain top talent.”

Cascade offers proven strategies and tools to foster the loyalty and creativity attributed to Employer of Choice cultures. Adopting the Employer of Choice business model is also a significant factor in securing economic stability that eludes companies who overlook the impact of this powerful philosophy.

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Reduce Your Footprint

Try a zero waste-to-landfill program and experience the benefits:

  • Significantly cut landfill costs – as much as 90%.
  • Enhance your “green” reputation with measurable planet-positive results.
  • Incorporate your zero-waste program as part of your sustainable business plan – and your Triple Bottom Line.

Managing solid waste can be a costly problem. Cascade Consulting can help your organization reduce your waste stream. This positively affects your bottom line. Many companies are using strategies like this to achieve substantial cost savings. You should be too.

 We can help you:

  • Analyze landfill materials
  • Target high waste items
  • Educate staff on waste reduction principles
  • Establish performance measurers to sustain improvement

Do you know how much it costs you to throw things away? Many items in an organization can be recycled for free!

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Enrich Your Career

How are you enhancing your career? Just one class or session could give you the edge you need to enrich your career. Cascade Engineering offers classes in:

  • Interviewing
  • Presentation
  • DiSC Training
  • Microsoft Office
  • Sustainability and more!

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Developing a Lean Strategy

What’s the lean strategy at your company? Do your employees understand how they contribute to business and they can measure that contribution? We can help create and implement the strategies and objectives necessary to:

  • Improve communication and processes
  • Enhance innovation
  • Enable employees to continuously improve the business
  • Provide the tools to understand the impact of plan changes

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Engage a Speaker

Are you looking for an inspirational engaging leader to speak at your next conference or luncheon? Consider adding Fred Keller or Kenyatta Brame to your agenda! Many of our leaders have spoken at conferences covering a variety of subjects!

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