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Cascade Engineering is committed to creating a work environment in which all employees in the Cascade Family of Companies, regardless of cultural or individual differences, know they are respected and valued as human beings. We work to transform long-held beliefs about people who may be different from ourselves into values that stimulate productive alliances within work place peer groups. A culture of inclusion allows people to feel comfortable contributing, encourages new perspectives, and makes the most of each person’s potential.

As a Family of Companies we are committed to…

  • Creating the highest value for our customers
  • Funding our growth

We must embrace the basic values of…

  • Being ethical and fair
  • Valuing each person associated with the Cascade Family of Companies
  • Encouraging innovation and continuous improvement
  • Maintaining state-of-the-art operations

These values are achieved by…

  • Encouraging employee education and lifelong learning
  • Exploring and applying new, appropriate technologies
  • Working in teams

Our company purpose is…. To have a positive impact on our society, the environment and to be financially successful.