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Design Engineering

Shaping Ideas in Plastic®

Cascade Engineering approaches each design project with an integral knowledge of complex structures, material selection, technology integration and large scale manufacturing, resulting in the highest performing and most cost effective designs. Whether it is a seating component you need manufactured or a full RFID systems integration, Cascade’s team of engineers is prepared to meet the challenge.

Our design engineers are trained and proficient at the latest CAD software, including:

  • Unigraphics (UG)
  • Pro/Engineer (Pro/E)

We also have the ability to translate to and from any CAD software package that is in use today. In addition, we also have a Silver Certified Mold Flow™ engineer on staff, allowing Cascade to provide advanced molding analysis on product designs.

At Cascade Engineering, we work daily on sustainable design development, focusing on both material selection and design to enable the use of recycled materials. We are experts in creating sustainable products that balance design, material choice and performance. We use Design for Environment (DFE) principles and have gained third party certifications on our products. Our EcoCart™ carries the SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) Certification and RACX® Pallet carries the MBDC Cradle to Cradle Certification.