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Finishing, Assembly & Sequencing

At Cascade Engineering, we have the capabilities to provide you with a complete system that includes finishing and assembly. Whether you require your components to be painted, or assembled into a complex system, we have the infrastructure within our family of companies to provide what you need.

Our facility in Mt. Airy, NC is designed to prime paint finished components as well as apply base clear coating to custom match color requirements. With the DuPont Elite mixing system, we have the ability to match over 8000 colors!

Cascade Engineering also has the capability to handle all your assembly needs. From simple assembly such as adding a secondary component, to complex assembly where multiple components are assembled into a system, we will provide you with a fully assembled product or system.

Multiple processes are used to assemble components, resulting in highly engineered work cells that are customized for each specific product. Our assembly operations are supported by lean manufacturing and supply chain management teams.

Cascade routinely uses In-Line Sequencing (ILS) to stage products into our customers’ manufacturing production schedule, thereby reducing the amount of assembly required at the final production site. Parts and systems are assembled, secured in racks and staged at our facilities, and finally released in coordination with the customer’s production schedule. ILS reduces the amount of assembly required and minimizes inventory levels in accordance with a Lean Manufacturing Environment.

From commercial truck systems to furniture components, Cascade has vast experience in working with customers to finish, assemble and sequence products.