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History of Cascade Engineering

Since our founding in 1973, Cascade Engineering has grown to become a leading provider of engineered plastics systems and components – and a growing array of sustainability-focused products and services that derive from our unique corporate experience.

At the heart of “the Cascade story” lies a powerful sense of corporate purpose. Over the years, Cascade has become a nationally recognized proponent of sustainable business practices that emphasize the key role business can play in building financial, social and environmental capital. Company Founder and Chair Fred P. Keller founded Cascade on these principles long before the term “sustainability” was coined. Today, sustainability is part of virtually all facets of our operations, and a growing share of our customer offering.

Becoming a sustainable company has involved a continual organizational learning process. At first, we saw sustainability largely in the realm of ideas. Later – as we expanded from a small injection molder with six employees to a complex manufacturing organization serving the automotive, solid waste and industrial markets – Cascade took real strides in formulating ways business can make a difference for future generations. The same principles that enabled Cascade to mold the first Equa™ chair for Herman Miller helped us devise innovative approaches in lean manufacturing, environmental stewardship and workforce development, guiding welfare recipients towards long-term employment.

Today, as a global company with more than 1,600 employees and 14 facilities worldwide, Cascade’s entire business strategy is centered on growing the tangible expressions of our sustainability learning and expertise. Sustainability principles are driving our longstanding plastics operations, and the evolution of new business units, products and services. Enabling this shift are sustainability’s deep roots within our culture, our continued strong focus on innovation, and the forging of strategic alliances with like-minded partners.