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Interior & Exterior Trim

Cascade Engineering Automotive Solutions specializes in the design and molding of interior and exterior automotive trim components and assemblies, door panels and components. Our expertise is to manufacture and assemble both large and small automotive parts and assemblies that are required to be both functional and aesthetic. Our full range of services includes VA/VE Emphasis-Design and APLS manufacturing technologies.

Our production technology includes:

  • Two-shot injection
  • Gas-assisted injection
  • Vacuum wrapping capabilities
  • Advanced complex assemblies
  • JIT/MRP production planning
  • Rapid prototyping

Our interior and exterior automotive trim experience encompasses:

  • Decorative exterior trim – A, B and C pillars, side moldings and bumper fascias
  • Interior trim – IP components, floor consoles, seating components, hard trim, door panels, switches and levers

In-Mold Technologies
Cascade Engineering continually strives to minimize secondary operations by performing these processes within the molding machine.

Our ability to apply in-mold technologies and work with materials such as nanocomposites can result in time and cost savings and better performance in many areas of a vehicle, including Class A exterior parts, non-painted exterior parts, interior surface parts and under-the-hood parts. Cascade Engineering develops components, such as air-bag doors, seatbacks, map pockets and other interior trim components that solve complex customer problems.

Small Inserts or Large Components
In-mold technology can be used for small inserts, such as grommets and bolts or larger components such as film, fabric, vinyl and labels. This technology helps to eliminate warp and to fully pack complex parts. High-pressure injection molding equipment is used for in-mold technologies to achieve a soft touch. As an alternative to the vacuum wrapping process, we utilize this process for the production of soft touch vinyl wrapped interior door panel skins.

Seatbacks and Map Pockets
Our capabilities have also expanded to offer the use of nanocomposites in the production of seatbacks and map pockets. This breakthrough technology developed by Noble Polymers creates a lightweight product, while increasing structural integrity and reducing the overall manufacturing process time and costs.