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Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Environment
Cascade Engineering’s expertise in Lean improvement, production systems, and sustainable business practices allows us to deliver measurable value to our customers quickly and in the “least waste way.”
We deliver results by using our production system, which is rooted in our intimate knowledge of our customers, disciplined approach and visually explicit processes. We achieve results by building quality into the process, employing “just-in-time” techniques and relentlessly pursuing continuous improvement through the involvement of our people and partners. We strive to provide the right product, at the right time, and at the right place and cost.
We are able to achieve strong, measurable results by using existing Lean Six Sigma methods, and by having processes in place that help us learn from our successes and failures.  This enables us to pinpoint changes required at all levels within the company so that we can continuously improve.  Some of our strategies include the execution of the Shingo Enterprise Assessment.  We also utilize proprietary internal Lean Assessments, Value Stream workshops, and Kaizen events to help us improve.  Finally, every employee's insight into what needs to be improved is important too, so we actively seek their input through a variety of “lightening posts” to ensure that we do not leave a rock unturned.  These ideas, along with the many other activities are managed through our continuous improvement Heijunka™ methodology, to ensure that improvements are sustained.


  • US Department of Commerce Manufacturing Council representation
  • Shingo Board of Examiner representation
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineering Lean Certification instructors
  • Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP)