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Supply Chain and Logistics

Cascade Engineering provides a full range of supply chain and logistics services which includes local/global sourcing, multi-commodity sourcing, distribution sourcing, third party management and logistics consolidation. We have the capability to coordinate logistics and raw material/component purchasing worldwide, and supplier partners to maximize value in the supply chain globally.

Our multi-functional teams support, coordinate and problem solve all issues relating to sourcing and logistics with a complete cost management philosophy. We employ a VA/VE process to extract the highest cost reductions possible, while delivering the best value to our customers.

The Cascade sourcing team has a specialized expertise in purchasing alternative and recycled materials. Through our internal requirements for sustainable products, we have identified the best streams for consistency and scalability in the market today.

We qualify our suppliers using ISO9001 and TS16949 guidelines as part of our qualification process. All of our production suppliers are rated monthly on their performance. With Cascade Engineering as your sourcing and logistics partner, you can be assured of the highest quality and most cost effective service possible.

All companies interested in working with Cascade Engineering must complete a Supplier Information Form.