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Thirty / Two / Two (30/2/2)

30-2-2 is currently comprised with over 15 West Michigan companies who employ over 100 returning citizens. We continue to track the success of the employees, offer support to employers and employees to encourage retention, and recruit new employers to join in the effort.

Our Vision

Provide those exiting the justice system an opportunity to be work ready and desirable to employers.

Our Mission

To utilize our community resources and engage employers to help employ people who are exiting the justice system.

Our Goal

Our goal is to partner with 30 employers to hire two ex-offenders and then monitor progress over two years: 30/2/2.

30/2/2 Program Contact Information

Kenyatta Brame
Executive Vice President, Cascade Engineering

David Barrett
Director of Talent Management, Cascade Engineering

Carrie Link
Assistant to the CEO, Butterball® Farms

Tracey Brame
Assistant Dean, Western Michigan Universith Cooley Law School - Grand Rapids Campus
616-308-6800 x6919